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Sowing Sonic Seeds

   These workshops consists of two separate days and attendance can be for one or both days.  The science of Sound will be discussed and its' affects on the human body and biofield.  We explore Yoga, Mantra and Meditation to give a direct experience of the nature of the concepts introduced.  Throughout each day you will be immersed in the powerful and transformative sound current of different Planetary & Elemental Gongs, Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, a Crystal Pyramid as well as Planetary and Elemental Tuning Forks.

   As a participant you will learn about vibration, frequency, entrainment and coherence.  In addition we will explore how these are connected to movement, breath and mantra.  We will Tune In and connect to the Quantum Field, a landscape of all possibilities.

   These yoga and meditation practices strengthen your life force, raise your vibration and restore your vitality. They help us become clear-minded, amplifying our magnetism, expelling the old, letting in the new, leaving us open and ready to receive our natural prosperity and abundance. Enjoy relief from stress, pain and inflammatory conditions as a result of these practices.

Join Us and Sow the Sonic Seeds of your Transformation!

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