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Sonic Therapy

    Sonic Therapy is a very simple yet profound method of achieving harmonic balance physically, mentally and emotionally through the use of the Gong and Crystal Singing Bowls.  The sound waves and music produced by the alchemical insturments shifts our consciousness, our emotional state and our physical health.

   The direct experience of the Gong and Bowls causes the Autonomic Nervous System to switch off it's Sympathetic (Flight or Fight) response and stimulate the Parasympathetic (Rest or Digest) response calming the central nervous system reducing pain, stress and inflammation. 

   In these sessions the Gong is played rhythmically for 30-45 minutes without letting the music fully decay. Playing with this type of continuity while changing the pitch and intensity actually resets the way our ears process sound.

   The fundamental notes of the Gong and Bowls resonate coherence within the Heart!  As a result, the heartbeat and the other natural rhythms of the body Synchronize in a process called Entrainment, Restoring Equilibrium at the Cellular level.  

   How does this happen?  Well, our bodies are made of atoms. Atoms are vibrating vortices of Energy and Information. Atoms make molecules and molecules make cells.

   Sound waves are pressure waves that contain energy and information because they are vibratory in nature. These alchemical instruments produces sound waves thereby affecting change at the atomic and cellular level of our existence.


  Sonic Therapy is the key that unlocks The Doors of Transformation...

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